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Sitters Company Information
Hours, Deposits & Cancellations Children & Altitude


  1. What is the average age of your Sitters?

  2. What is the hiring process for your Sitters?
    An extensive interview and test is conducted by the Owner of the Company, which covers our six page Company Policies document. All Sitters must be 21 + years old, CPR certified, and have previous childcare experience before attending our interview.

  3. Do you have male and female Sitters?

  4. May we meet with our Sitter before the appointment?
    Per your request, we can arrange for your Sitter to call you upon your arrival. This is contingent on your Sitter’s availability. If you prefer to meet your Sitter in person, you will need to include the additional time in your Reservation.

  5. May we stay out as late as we wish?
    You must confer with your Sitter if you will be more than 30 minutes late upon returning.

  6. How do you determine the number of Sitters for each appointment?
    The ages of the children determine the number of Sitters required. We book one Sitter for every two children ages three and under. Ages four and up, we can book three to six children per Sitter. Sitters are hand-selected for each appointment to ensure the safety and well being of your children.

  7. Will your Sitters take our children skiing?
    No - Mountain Sitters, LLC is not insured in this area.

  8. May our dog(s) be present during the Sitting appointment?
    Only if your dog(s) are tethered or behind closed doors. Your child's safety is our main concern, and pets can be very unpredictable and jealous around the children they love.

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Company Information

  1. How many years have you been in business?
    Celebrating 18 years in business!

  2. Who runs Mountain Sitters, LLC?
    Owner/operated by Caroline Logan

  3. Do you offer services in Aspen or Grand Junction, Colorado?

  4. Do you sit for Special Needs Children?
    No - Mountain Sitters, LLC is not qualified nor insured in this area.

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Hours, Deposits & Cancellations

  1. Do you need exact times to book?

  2. May we change the start time of our appointment?
    Changes to the start time of your Reservation will incur a $5 charge added to your credit card.

  3. What is your Cancellation Policy?
    If you cancel your Reservation at anytime for any reason, you forfeit your deposit for the day you cancel (regardless of how far in advance of or close to your Reservation).

  4. If we cancel our appointment way in advance, may we get our deposit refunded?
    No - your deposit guarantees you a Sitter for each appointment.

  5. May we transfer our deposit to another day if we cancel our appointment?
    No - your deposit covers the cost of setting each individual appointment and hand-selecting each Sitter.

  6. What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
    If you cancel your Reservation at the last minute, and we are unable to reach your Sitter, please pay your Sitter the four hour minimum when he/she arrives at your door.

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Children & Altitude

  1. My baby is breast fed only. Is this a problem?
    Please leave explicit instructions for your Sitter. If your baby becomes uncomfortable, your Sitter will call you in to feed.

  2. Does the altitude affect my baby?
    Yes, it can. Vail Valley is above 8,000 feet. Babies can get very gaseous and uncomfortable and acquire painful ear aches for the first 24 to 48 hours. Please consult with your pediatrician before arrival.

  3. Does the altitude affect my older children?
    Yes, but not always. Altitude sickness can hamper a vacation quickly. DRINK plenty of WATER before arrival and after, avoid soft drinks, caffeine, sugar, and get plenty of rest.

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